Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hunter/Mid North Coast Crew Rocks

Hi, Im Naomi, 29 years old and I live in Port Macquarie with my Fiance Chris and our two kiddies, Cooper 4 and Kiarna 2. They are the reason why I am doing the 12WBT, so I can be a better partner and mum to the people whom I care about.

I completed round 1 and struggled towards the end of it. I ended up signing up for round 2 to give me the 'lift-me-up" I needed. So far so good, but I know the group of Hunet/Mid North Coasters have my back and I think thats whats going to get me to the finish line!

So I have 8kg to go to my goal weight, at that time i will re-asses how im looking and feeling and then decide to loose another kg or two or go and do Lean and Strong to help with the 'toning' side of things....

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