Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Im Meegan Williams and Im a 12wbtr

Hi everyone. I do have another blog but thought it would be a great idea to have a group blog for us to all blog together. I cant wait to see what we all come up with.

About me?
My name is Meegan. This will be my third round of the Michelle Bridges 12 week total body transformation. My username for the last two rounds was Meegs. Im now changing it to 'theoriginalmeegs' keep an eye out for my posts.

Im 35 yrs old, a mother to 4 boys 15, 13, 5 and 3. Im a fiance to Stephen aka ginja ninja. Im getting married on my birthday on the 11th of November 2011, yep 11/11/11. I was also born at 11 mins to 11am 10:49am freaky.

I have struggled with weight loss issues since my asthma became chronic when I was 8 yrs old. I had a cardiac arrest when I was 11yrs old and my weight ballooned from the steroids. Over highschool I was pretty normal. always the tall one, I always thought I was also the big one but looking back I was pretty slim.

I became a young mum at 19yrs old, my partner at the time told me 'Im going to fatten you up so no one else will want you'. I somehow thought this was a sweet thing for him to say, looking back it was the beginning of a controlling relationship.

Fast forward 14 yrs and I got sick, first with gall stones, then with liver problems from gall stones. Months later I had more health problems and was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. I was so so lucky to have stage 1 stomach cancer. This meant that with surgery and a short treatment period there would be a good chance it wont come back. So far it hasnt, but when seeing the doctor he told me that the only thing I had going for me was my age.

I slowly recovered from the treatment which knocked me a bit. I lived on ice cream and tea. My weight in January 2010 was 147.5kg. It was the heaviest Ive ever been.

To make it worse I also had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. Ive never known what its like to not be sick.

On facebook one day I noticed a friend, Cath Perkins, comment on a Michelle bridges page. Just what I needed I thought. So I signed up with one day to go and did all my pre season tasks in one whole day- it was insane.

Then the ride began.

Round 3 2010 saw me loose a total of 20.3kg
I was crowned the 'most inspirational role model' for that round. I was even awarded $100 gift voucher for athletes foot. I was in total shock and very humbled.

Round 1 2011 I was pumped and ready to go.
I lost 16.1kg.

Overall with a few months of sickness and the two round of Michelle bridges program I have bought my weight down to 90.2kg.

Over the last 12 months I have lost a staggering 57.3kg!!!!!.

Round 2 2011 I am going to loose another 15kg bringing my weight to 75.2kg. From there I will see what my goals are.

So that is the short version of me. Im complicated, inappropriate, I need a life moderator, I love my friends especially my 12wbt family. Im in for the long run. Im here to stay, walk the walk and talk the talk.

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