Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Its time to change my ways

Hi my name is Jamie-Lee Rowlands and I am morbidly obese. Those words I have been fighting with for so so long now, and now I ready for the change.

I am 23 years if age and weigh about 140kg. ( I will see my exact weight tonight when I weigh my self, need to buy digital scales) I have a loving fieance' we have been together for 5 years now and we have a 6mth old little girl Olivia.

I have always been bigger than my friends since I can remember. Every year I seem to put on a few kilos and over the years it has added up. I remember been in high school and seeing that I weighed 90kgs and I promised myself I would never hit 100kg. A few years later I weighed 115kg and I made a promise I would never weigh 120kg. I just kept uping the weight.

When I met Kyle I weigh 115kg and he still fell in love with me, so I just assumed that there was nothing wrong with me. "If i was so fat why would he love me, so I mus not be that fat". As we were together longer and longer I piled on more and more weight. I have tried diets, exercised for short amounts of time, shakes, and even tried not eating. But nothing has been right for me and I believe it is because I have not had the support. Sure Kyle supports me but he is lean and not overweight and can eat just about anything he wants and won't put on weight. So he finds it hard to eat with me, and than I will just say meal of his choice like pizza, or potato bake won't hurt but it does I than fall apart.

When I fell pregnant with Olivia I used it as an excuse for being fat.(I was proud to say I did lose 5kg whilst pregs with Olivia) Now Olivia is here I am putting a stop to my ever increasing weight gain and going to start losing the weight.

I am doing 12wbt because

I want to be a better mum and be able to run around with Olivia when she starts to walk.
I want to be a great partner, and feel the energy to make love rather than just be too tired and go to sleep.
I want to parents to be proud of me and not assamed of my weight.
My best friend has her wedding this year and I don't want to be the fat bridesmaid.
I am getting married in August next year so I want to be a stunnin and slender bride.
But most of all I want to do it for me, to live a long and health life.

I am so scared and nervous, we only have one income so I am limited to what gyms I can join, and the equipement I can purchace.


I want to lose 15kg's in these 12 weeks
I want to exercise 7days a week
Want to go down a dress size

Please feel free to leave some tips and advice for me I need all I can get.

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  1. Hey Jamie-Lee your letter was just so amazing to read!Your honesty and courage to be so open was inspiring to me ! i to have a little one Max is 21 months and as you said that the weight just kept increasing every year, well dont you worry you are far from on your own , im right here with you!!! So i guess we both have to put our heads down and get amongst it!all the very best Danielle