Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Scared and Overwhelmed

Hi everyone,

So i was invited into this group by Melinda Mills (thank you). 

I have only been in Taree for 6 weeks, having moved up from Nowra.  I dont know anyone, except my sister in law (Emma Verrydt) and her family. 

I have two young children - Jack who turns 3 next week and Levi who turns 10 months next week. 

I am currently 23-25kg overweight, i am tired and grumpy all the time and feel generally misrable about what i have turned into.  I dont have the energy to play with my kids and i hold back from being with my husband. 

My entire life i have had issues with my weight.  Bad role models, used weight to hide myself, and now just lazy.

To be frankly honest i am a little overwhelmed by the drive that you all have going here.  I dont mean that in a rude way, i just have always done my weight loss on my own - i guess because i was always ashamed of what state my body was in.  So to be so public with all my lumps bumps and issues is extremely nerve racking. 

i hope that i am able to succeed as well as you all have done. 

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