Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I am in need of a healthy life..

Hi, my name is Melissa Dark.. I'm a 36 year old woman who feels that if I don't do something about my state of health that I won't be around to watch my 5 kids grow up. 
Up until I was 30 years old I was between 39-42kg's and I used to eat whatever I wanted..  because I couldn't put on any weight..  chocolate, fat from the edge of the chop, skin off the chook, etc etc and etc..
I had people asking me if I had something wrong with me as I was so underweight..

Sadly due to that, my health is now in the state that it is in. Almost 7 years later, two more babies and 20kg's heavier I am the worst I have ever felt.  I am puffed just getting out of bed.  I can't get down on the floor to play with my kids... it's too much effort.

Honestly, my main worry is the not so healthy fats in most of the food we eat now.  I have the ONLY symptom of high cholesterol, "xanthelasma".  (Yellow spots on my eyelids and under my eyes). 

I have had my blood tested to see how high my cholesterol is and it came back with a normal reading.  Yet, I went to get my eyes checked at the Optometrist and he took a special photo of my eyeballs and there are fatty deposits on my eyeballs!!   I took this information to my Doctor in tears and they sent me away with.....Anti-depressants!  Telling me I was Anxious.  
I also recall after I had my Gall Bladder taken out, that the Doctor told me that alot of my insides were Cholesterolized and to cut back on fatty foods.   I didn't take too much notice as once my gall bladder was gone I could eat bacon without pain... heaven!  Now, 2 years down the track... I feel awful and so unhealthy.

I have a wonderful marriage, 5 beautiful children and ALOT of reasons to live.    If the Doctors won't help me, then I'm going to help me!   


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